My PC/Laptop is not working well and I need to change it. Do I need a new RadarOpus license too? 1 0

Last updated on December 19, 2022 02:39 in RadarOpus
Posted By Fabio Giunta

No you don’t as long as you get remote support from us before taking your PC/laptop to get fixed.

We store the RadarOpus software license inside your device, so if the Hard Drive or physical parts of the device are wiped clean or altered, you will likely “break” the RadarOpus license.

If you contact us first and allow us to “lift” the license out of your device, we will then be able to place it back once you have fixed/changed your device. This service is normally free with users who have the latest RadarOpus version.

If you use a dongle, normally the license is stored there so the issue does not apply.