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Last updated on December 05, 2022 03:38 in RadarOpus
Posted By Fabio Giunta

There are a few reasons why RadarOpus could be running slower, here are some easy solutions!

1. PC/MAC age and OS:

RadarOpus is a very powerful software, so exactly like you'd expect a Ferrari to need more gas than a Ford, it is normal for RadarOpus to need more "PC power" than say "Microsoft Word" or a very basic Homeopathic Software. If it is the first time that you use RadarOpus and it seems slower than other software on your PC/MAC, please check the minimum requirements for installing it. Of course we follow the development of Apple and Windows, so if you have a very performant PC and the latest Operating System but RadarOpus is still running slow, then have a look at the other options below.

If you have a PC/MAC that is more than 4-5 years old, then it's likely that this is the issue. 


- Increase the RAM on your PC

- Get a new PC

- Get the latest Operating System running on your PC/MAC

2. Your ANTI-VIRUS software:

The most common issue we see with customers is anti-virus programs slowing down or blocking RadarOpus. At the time of writing, "MALWARE BYTES" is a perfect example of an anti-virus program which causes extreme slowness on RadarOpus.


- Whitelist RadarOpus in your Anti-Virus software. This means going into the settings and "telling" your anti-virus that "RadarOpus" can be trusted as a software. Doing this will solve the problem in 99% of cases.

- On a MAC, even if you don't have an anti-virus, you can go in the preferences and whitelist the program.

If you struggle with this, then please contact the provider of the Anti-Virus software to get help.

3. Too many documents open:

When you re-open RadarOpus, it will automatically load all the documents you had left open when you last used it. So if last time you quit RadarOpus you left 6 Materia Medica open, when you re-start RadarOpus, the program will load all 6 documents again. Consider that each book could have hundreds of pages, so times 6 books it could mean thousands of pages... That's like someone asking you to lift a car before having breakfast!


Get in the habit of closing down all the documents before shutting down RadarOpus. 

4. Too many programs running at the same time:

Because RadarOpus is a very powerful tool (e.g. due to its ability to do complex searches across different types of documents simultaneously), it will also eat up a fair amount of RAM and/or PCU (basically power) of your PC/MAC. So if you have 4-5 software open at the same time as RadarOpus, it could effect your computer's performance negatively.


If you find that the computer gets slower, consider closing all other applications and only keeping RadarOpus open. It's also worth re-starting your PC/MAC and then only opening RadarOpus.

5. Your PC is running out of space:

A common issue with PC slowness is the hard disk being very full without the user noticing it. If your hard disk is very full, the programs that need more "PC POWER" will struggle the most.


Check your disk space. If you have less than 20GB of space left on your hard drive, consider deleting all unnecessary files, saving files on a cloud or upgrading your device with a larger Hard Drive.

6. You are trying to make very complex queries:

When you ask RadarOpus to do very complex queries, it will of course work harder and therefore require more computer power.


Try to restart RadarOpus and then do a simple search query. If it is much faster then it means the query you had asked was making the PC work too hard. An easy way to solve the problem is to get more RAM or/and a more performant PC. Also ensure you are running the latest Operating System and the latest version of RadarOpus.

7. Your RadarOpus version is old:

We often receive support requests from people with an old RadarOpus version, and the answer to their problem is virtually always included in the latest update.


Keep your RadarOpus up to date... ALWAYS :-)

We release updates because we listen to your feedback and make improvements. If you don't keep RadarOpus up to date, then you are preventing yourself from running a smooth and up to date program.

For anything else... of course feel free to contact us. If your issue is something we have never encountered before (i.e. a new "bug" in the system), we'll take note of it and fix as soon as possible ;-)