Why are updates not free for all users? 0 0

Last updated on June 27, 2022 07:48 in RadarOpus updates
Posted By Manuel

We always aim to support the community and supply whatever we can for free. We don’t plan to charge for updates every month so don’t worry! We will only ask our customers to support us when we really need to. It is a little like servicing your car... You buy it, and then every now and then you have a small charge to clean its filters, improve its performance etc.

Do you have any technological product you have owned since 2009 that has never needed a service or replacement? Think of your mobile phone, your PC, your antivirus and so on... Remember, our sole purpose is to support the Homeopathic community! So when we ask for a little help, it will always go towards the constant improvement of the software (and where possible to help support good causes like research in Homeopathy), nothing more.