How do I update to 3.0 from older RadarOpus versions? 2 3

Last updated on June 27, 2022 07:40 in RadarOpus
Posted By Fabio Giunta
  1. Follow this link and download the 3.0 installer
  2. Open the installer file on your computer and follow the instructions
  3. Re-start RadarOpus and follow the prompts (the installer will normally make an automatic back up of your old files)
  4. Import your back up (if you have one)

    RadarOpus 3.0 is a FREE version for anybody updating from RadarOpus 2.2 or purchasing a new RadarOpus.

    If you have a version older than 2.2, please ensure you PURCHASE RadarOpus 3.0 before installing the update.

    Installing a RadarOpus 3.0 on a device without having purchased it or being granted access will result in your RadarOpus NOT opening.

    If unsure please open a ticket with our tech support.