Can I transfer my Synthesis App on multiple phones? 1 0

Last updated on June 17, 2021 07:27 in Synthesis App
Posted By Fabio Giunta

If you have purchased a Synthesis App and/or an add-on from a store (commonly Google or Apple app stores), the store remembers your purchases. So for example if you purchased the App from the Apple store and you get a new iphone, when you re-connect your new iphone to your existing credentials on the apple store, you will be able to access again all of your previous Apple purchases. As a result you will be able to re-install your app on the new phone.


You cannot transfer your purchases from one shop to another.
E.G. You buy our App from Apple store and then you buy an Android phone, the android phone cannot be connected to the Apple store, therefore you cannot "move" your purchases from Apple to Google and vice versa.
If you purchased our App on an iphone and then you also want it on an android phone, you will need to purchase the App again on the Google store (and vice versa).
In other words, what you buy on a Google store stays in your Google store account, and what you buy on an Apple store stays in your Apple store account


Remember you need to access the store with your previous credentials.
So E.G. if you purchased our App on Apple and get a new phone, but you create new credentials on the Apple store, the new credentials will not be connected with your purchase history (i.e. Apple will not remember the apps you already purchased). If you do not remember your credentials simply contact your Apple or Google (or similar) store to retrieve them.

Please be aware that we cannot act on behalf of App stores. If you have any queries regarding payments or transfers you should always contact the stores.

We can only help with technical problems on the Apps (e.g. the app crashes, or a function does not work properly).

NOTE: you may need to fill in again our registration form if you re-download the app on a new device, but this does not affect your ownership.