Do I have to pay anything after buying RadarOpus? 0 0

Last updated on June 27, 2022 07:33 in RadarOpus
Posted By Manuel

No you don’t.

When you buy RadarOpus, you will own the software forever and you will never be forced to pay for anything again.

At the time of purchase we offer you compatibility with the latest Operating Systems available at the time of purchase, as well as 12 months of free data downloads and free tech support. Once the 12 months are over, if there is a payable update available, you will have the option of purchasing it. However if you are happy with what you have and don’t see a reason to update then you don’t have to. RadarOpus will continue working on the Operating Systems that were available at the time of your purchase.

In essence, with a payable update you get "a lot more". If you like what we offer then you can pay for the update, otherwise you can stay with your current version. New payable updates normally bring you the latest Operating Systems compatibility, new features, new data, new tools and general improvements of the software.