Are payable updates compulsory? 3 0

Last updated on June 27, 2022 07:43 in RadarOpus updates
Posted By Manuel

Absolutely not!

Our philosophy has always been to supply you with a standalone product and we will continue to provide this.
As a result, if you are happy with the RadarOpus version you have, you can stay with it at NO EXTRA COST.

Our only recommendation: before you update your Windows, Apple (or other) operating system ensure that it is compatible with the version of RadarOpus you currently have.
If it is not then do not update, otherwise your RadarOpus may no longer work (remember we cannot control your operating system, it is your choice to update it).

Paying for an update also guarantees you tech support. If you don’t have tech support included, when you contact support you will need to pay separately for this (however normally tech support will assess the issue and try to help you free of charge by giving you instructions on how to fix the problem. Only if this is not possible and you still require help they will inform you about charges).
Your local dealer is also there to help you when you need.