How to stop paying for a RadarOpus rental or payment plan 0 1

Last updated on June 27, 2022 07:23 in RadarOpus
Posted By Fabio Giunta

If you would like to stop renting your RadarOpus, simply log into your RadarOpus admin page (https://crm.zeus-soft.com) then at the bottom click on the "Stop Renting" button. Once done, click again on "Stop Renting" button in the modal panel.
When you confirm this option, your card will no longer be charged and you will be able to continue using the program for however many days you have left from your last payment (so e.g. if payment happens every 30 days, and you last paid on the 15th of this month, when you stop the rental, your software will work until the 15th day of next month).


You can also stop payments if you are on a payment plan, however BE CAREFUL!
If you stop a payment plan, you will lose access to RadarOpus and you will not be able to recuperate any money already paid. A Payment plan is the same as a rental until you have fully paid your program. So if you have opted for (e.g.) 12 payments and you have already made 9 payments, those 9 payments count as renting the program. Only once you finish paying the totality of the program purchase value you actually own it.
If you do not pay every instalment of your payment plan then you do not own the program and the already paid instalments are treated as a rental.
If you are unsure on what to do you may also contact us or your local representative