Error No license found (error 255) - What should I do? 1 5

Last updated on April 06, 2021 03:10 in RadarOpus
Posted By Fabio Giunta

If you get No license found (error 255) you can try to start CodeMeter Runtime.
If you see the service is stopped, try to start it. If it not possible. Please reinstall CodeMeter.

How can I reinstall CodeMeter?    

    1. Visit wibu.com (or click here)
    2. Go to Support & Downloads -> User Software (you directly click here)
    3. Download the latest version compatible with your Operating System
    4. If on Windows, uninstall the CodeMeter version you have currently installed
    5. Now open the downloaded file (CodeMeter installer)
    6. If on MacOS, first run the uninstaller and then the installer. Follow the installer prompts on both Operating Systems
    7. Voilà!

Now RadarOpus should work. If not, please open a ticket