I own more than one RadarOpus, how many updates do I pay? 0 0

Last updated on July 28, 2020 06:33 in RadarOpus updates
Posted By Manuel

If a payable update is available, you need to pay for each license number you own. If you own more than one RadarOpus, in most cases you will still only need to pay once.

Read below for more details:

What is a license number?

A license number is the 6 digit code you see at the top centre of RadarOpus when you open it. If all your RadarOpus programs have the same license number then you only need to pay once for the update.

What is the difference between a license number and an additional license?

A license number is unique for every new purchased software, however RadarOpus allows busy practitioners to buy ADDITIONAL LICENCES if they want to keep more than one RadarOpus in different locations (e.g. 1 Opus at home and 1 Opus in the clinic). A second RadarOpus (additional license) owned by the same person normally has the same license number as the first RadarOpus. This way we know that the same person has more than one software (think of 2 cars with the same number plate). If instead you have bought 2 separate license numbers (like if 2 different people purchased a RadarOpus) then you will need to pay the update for each of your RadarOpus programs. 

How to check?

Open each RadarOpus you own and check if the license number (at the top centre of RadarOpus) is the same. If it is, then you only pay once; if it’s different then you have to pay again to update the second RadarOpus (license number).

How to update the second license free of charge?

If you have multiple licenses (let’s say 2) under the same license number (as explained above), simply pay the first time. Once payment is complete and your first RadarOpus is fully updated, open your other RadarOpus software and ensure you have an internet connection; the server will recognise that your license number has already been granted permission and will automatically update your other license for free. If you see nothing happening, click “help” from the menu and then select “check for new program updates”. Ensure that all of your RadarOpus programs have the same version before updating. If you own more than one, it doesn’t matter which RadarOpus you update first.

If you have any doubts, please contact support by opening a ticket.

What if I have 3 or 4 RadarOpus programs?

Then you’re a lucky person!
Jokes aside… The information above is valid for any number of RadarOpus programs: if you have different license numbers you pay the update for each license number. If you have multiple additional licenses under the same license number then you only pay once. You will know by opening each RadarOpus and checking if the license number at the top centre is the same.