I have an old RadarOpus - how do I update? 5 1

Last updated on March 03, 2023 10:41 in RadarOpus updates
Posted By Manuel

If you have not updated your RadarOpus in a long time (e.g. in the last 2 years), the software will only show you the next available update from the one you currently have.

To check if you have the latest update, please visit our what's new page, then open RadarOpus, click “help” in the menu bar, select “check for program updates” and compare the version that appears with what you saw on our website.

If for example you have version 3 and the latest is update 7, you will need to download each update one by one (so versions 4,5,6), in order to get to the latest one. Alternatively (faster solution), you can make a back-up of your RadarOpus, then uninstall the program, download the latest full installer and install that on your device. This is what we call a “clean install”. Doing this every now and then can also help your program run smoother.

You can also contact support by opening a ticket as they can help you updating.