Privacy regulations, GDPR and HIPAA: am I covered with RadarOpus? 0 0

Last updated on July 28, 2020 06:15 in RadarOpus
Posted By Manuel

From RadarOpus version 2.2, Privacy modules (including GDPR and HIPAA) have been implemented to help you comply with Privacy regulations. The modules help you regardless of where you live, however they are based on the guidelines for Europe and USA.

GOOD NEWS: You are covered for the requirements that RadarOpus needs to follow as a software that allows you to save sensitive data. The personal compliance is however your sole responsibility. To view the list of privacy module implementations made in RadarOpus simply visit our what's new page. We also supply some advice on how to comply yourself.

You can also search the web for privacy regulations that apply to your country/state/region.
Here are 2 useful links we found on GDPR and HIPAA:

Please note that regulation may change regularly, so if unsure, you should seek advice from your local authorities.