How much is tech support? 6 7

Last updated on July 28, 2020 06:05 in Zeus Soft support
Posted By Manuel

When you buy a new RadarOpus or a payable update, you automatically get FREE support for at least 12 months. We pride ourselves in having probably the best support in the Homeopathic Software Industry, with at least 5 staff to service you on a regular basis.

We also guarantee FREE support if you want to update your RadarOpus from an older version to the latest (free or payable) available RadarOpus version.

If None of the above applies, then support is offered at a charge. Charges may vary as support in most territories is offered by Zeus Soft (the company that produces your RadarOpus software), but in some cases it is offered by the local dealer. Whilst local dealer support charges may vary (please check with your local dealer), direct RadarOpus support is charged at €50/$60 per session (session means that we will only charge you once regardless of how long it will take to fix your problem. So whether it takes 45 minutes or 5 hours we will still only charge you the same amount... nice!). If support cannot fix the problem they may not charge you for the service. You are always welcome to contact support as they will normally guide you to solve the problem yourself first, without any charge. You will never be charged for contacting support.. we’re nice human beings. You will always be notified BEFORE you have to be charged. 

We do not charge to make money but only to try and recover part of the ongoing support costs, in order to be able to keep this excellent level of service to you.

If you have to pay for support, realistically you’re always better off paying for the latest update because you will get at least 12 months of support included (and paying for support all the time will always be more expensive than the single cost of an update), but we like giving people freedom of choice, so it is ultimately up to you.

E.G. You do not have “Peace of Mind” Cover or the latest payable update and have bought your RadarOpus 5 years ago. You have a problem and decide to contact support. Support will normally assess the issue, give you advice on how to solve the problem yourself if this is possible. If after this you insist in requiring support, only then they will give you the option of purchasing the latest version of RadarOpus (thus getting free support) or paying for the one-off support service.