Why does RadarOpus keep releasing new versions? 1 0

Last updated on June 27, 2022 07:49 in RadarOpus updates
Posted By Manuel

Part of the reason is that we are constantly working to improve the software. The other reason is that we are actually “forced” to do this.

The software industry has “decided” to implement rules that force us to update our system all the time (Microsoft and Apple release new versions of their operating system which force us to also keep the pace). This is very expensive and also very annoying for you and for us! But we have no choice, if we stopped doing this, you would start having compatibility issues with new operating systems and many other technical issues we won’t explain in detail here (because you would get bored reading entire pages of technical jargon.. but if you come for a cup of coffee at the RadarOpus headquarters we’ll be happy to explain more!).